“If you can, do it right the first time”

Foundry is a complex operation and hence, production of castings must be well considered. It starts with requirements which ready castings must satisfy, and de facto it ends with monitoring of the final user’s satisfaction from functionality of a casting or ready part.

Complexity of the entire system is unquestionable since particular founding processes cause a lot of problems. Achievement of planned goal which is combination of processes into one and harmonized entirety requires know- how, experience, skills, intuition and long sightedness. In practice different things happen and frequently the foundry is brushed off by employees. It results from unconsciousness of the fact how important sector of the industry it is.

Metallurgy and foundry have a very long and rich history. For sure they will develop using the achievements created by other disciplines of science.

Our functional consulting services and our offer regard to the field of applied foundry and metallurgy. Exemplary expressions associated with founding processes and regular support processes are:
audit, analyses, materials, melting, ladles, sand, cleaning, control, metallography, finishing, repair, reclamation.