Quality-oriented approach to every problem

We are a consulting company. Our services are directed to casting manufacturers as well as to suppliers and recipients of the foundry industry. Thanks to our deep knowledge, international experiences, broad professional relationships and interpersonal skills, we can guarantee the proper realisation of the entrusted orders. To achieve our pre-set goals, we always assess the potential risks and base on facts. Our work results in measurable gains, such as e.g. stability, punctuality, better quality or enhanced productivity.


We put the good relations with our clients and partners first. The quality of our services is just as important for us, this is why we are constantly improving them. To meet the requirements and expectations of our clients we develop ourselves and our offer. We carefully plan and realise the jobs entrusted to us. We thoroughly analyse the results of our services and draw our conclusions for the future.


Common sense through experience

While realising the entrusted tasks we are always focused on quality problem solving. We do not forget though about common sense.

Let us remember, that effectively managed processes directly transfer to satisfied customers and partners, employees and owner, firm position on the market and a stable brand.